Saucy Dates Review

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  • Editor's Overall Rating - Review by David - Overall Rating: 7.2 out of 10 is a website designed for adults interested in flings, hook-ups, and casual dating.

Website Summary is intended for adults who are interested in meeting other people who want to engage in hook-ups, one night stands, flings, and other types of casual dates and adult encounters. The website operates in a similar fashion to other hookup and dating sites: users can create profiles with their personal information and preferences, use search functions to find matches, and privately contact people to set up their adult encounters.

Key Features

The biggest feature of is that every feature is open to all members--and membership is free. The websites features include personalized profiles, the ability to upload up to 10 photographs, community chat rooms, friends lists for lists of your favorite users, and the ability to search for other users based on your location.

App Service does not have a designated app. However, it does have a mobile-friendly interface which can be easily accessed on smart phones and other devices.

Pros and Cons


Free. The free membership and access to all of the website’s features and functions is very rare for hookup websites. If you are interested in casual hookups but you don’t want to spend the money on a monthly membership subscription, this may be one of the only active options out there on the web today.
Simple interface. The simple interface of the website is easy to use and makes finding matches quickly a simple process. The website is definitely a “no frills” website, which may be detrimental to some, but many users will appreciate the ‘down to business’ approach of the website’s design and style.
Niche user base. The user base for are all interested in casual encounters, so you will be able to find many other users who are interested in flings and hookups without any problem.


Free--technically. The reason that is free is that it gets all of the revenue needed to run the website through advertisements. You must click on banner ads while using the website, which in turn gives the website revenue through for-profit clicking. This may be an annoyance for some users who prefer not to click on advertisements.
Chat room is limited. The chat room for the website is limited in function. You have access to 3 different main rooms: Community chat, Cybersex chat, and Kink chat. From each of these chat rooms, you can connect with users based on their username (you will not see profiles/images in the chat) and go into another room to chat with them--but due to the free nature of the website, there are not completely private chat rooms, so this may be awkward for some.

Membership: Fees & Upgrades only has a free membership option. All of the website features are available for free members, with no restricted or limited features. The website says that it will always be completely free to users, although only time will tell on that front.